"It is enough to call your father."

Translation:Il suffit d'appeler ton père.

April 28, 2018

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why is il suffit d'appeler votre pere not accepted?


Now accepted. Please use the report button when there are glaring omissions.


Please be patient with us learners. Often we do mot know if, or how we are right or wrong!


I understand that. Sorry if it sounded blunt. I say that whether you think you're right or wrong, report it anyway. We accept reports even if they end up wrong. It helps us see the tricky parts and helps us teach better. If enough people send reports, we can write pop-up tips that show up when other users make the same mistake.


«Ça suffit d'appeler ton père» was rejected 2018-05-09. Too abstract?


A bit awkward/too informal for me. You'd usually say "ça suffit !" as a stand-alone interjection. As in "That's enough!" And you'd use "il suffit de" + verb to say "It is enough to" + verb. In English, we'd rather say "it is enough to do that" as opposed to "that is enough to do that". In other words, we would use "it" as the dummy subject, not "that". Same in French, to be more proper.


Thanks. Very helpful.


what is the difference between "appel" and "appelle" ? and can i use "assez" here instead of "suffit" ?


"Un appel" is a noun, as in "you have a phone call" (tu as un appel). "Appelle" is a verb. "J'appelle" means "I am calling".

"Assez" is an adverb. "Suffit" is a verb. You cannot use "assez" to replace "suffit".

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