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"Este capítulo es sobre el núcleo de las células."

Translation:This chapter is about the nucleus in cells.

April 23, 2014



"this chaper is about the CELLS' nucleus" was marked wrong???? Que es el problema?


In English it's more natural to say "This chapter is about the nucleus of the cell" than "This chapter is about the nucleus of the cells"


Yup I think I filed a report on that or wanted too. I took cell biology in college and even the title of the book I used is happy to just use the singular, "The World of the Cell".


if they want to go there, that would be "the nuclei of the cells", surely


"nuclei of cells" was rejected 8/19/14. didn't try with the definite article.


"This chapter is about the cell core"? This cost me a heart!


Though I am not a native English speaker I am pretty certain that: "this chapter is about the core of cells" (without the additional the) should be accepted as well.

I wanted to try "this chapter is about the cell core", but thought I would lose a heart for using singular ...


I tried episode instead of chapter, but duo didn't like it. Before I report it, does anyone know a reason why it wouldn't be acceptable?


Episodes-Episodios are the segmets of plays, tv shows, radio programs, or others alike played at once...they may or may not be about chapters. Chapters are the subdivisions of books, scripts, some movies


Yes, but this phrase doesn't make it clear whether it is about tv or books and capitulo is the word I've seen used for episode in every spanish tv show I've seen.


The number doesn't agree in Spanish nor in the English answer since all cells have nuclei. "the nucleus in cells" is like saying "the heart of men". So maybe "los nucleos de las celulas" = "cellular nuclei" would be better.


Cellular nuclei was marked wrong.


Yes, "nucleus in cells" as opposed to nucleus in my pantry, or pocket.


"This chapter is about the nuclei of cells" - rejected June 17th 2018


'cellular nucleus' accepted 7/14/18


This audio sounds horribly unnatural.

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