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"No puedes fumar aquí."

Translation:You can't smoke here.

5 months ago


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Smoking is bad, m'kay?

3 months ago


No smoking here? Isn't that the simplest expression? The give translation "You can't smoke here" actually sounds wrong because it suggest you can't physically smoke in this place...not the meaning at all.

2 months ago


It sounds fine to me. It may be a regional thing. I interpret as meaning something like, 'You can't smoke here and be within the rules of this place'.

1 month ago

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Is there not enough oxygen to support combustion? It rejected "you may not smoke here." Reported 28 April 2018.

5 months ago


I agree that "you may not..." is the proper English translation, but apparently Spanish does not distinguish between "can not" and "may not," and since most people don' t really make the distinction in English anymore either, I guess DL is just giving in to current popular usage.

3 months ago


I wouldn't call it 'giving in'. Languages evolve. That's a fact. Popular usage is where we got 'proper' English in the first place, and that happens with all languages. That's also where different dialects and regional variants come from.

2 months ago