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Es gibt Menschen, die kein Haus haben ... locked?

Anyone have any idea why this discussion is locked? What the heck does that mean, to lock an innocent discussion? Most of the comments were about a wrongheaded DL translation, namely this one: there are people who have no house. I typed that and got dinged.

I reported it of course, because that's what the sentence means, but was curious about the discussion on it. And found the discussion was not only locked, it was active just a week ago (April 21 2018).

Additionally, many people on this 30+ person thread over the last 6 months complained about DL not honoring this translation.

Any insights? Clearly there are people who actually work at DL in order to lock this discussion, but they're not administering the actual lessons that are their core business.

April 28, 2018



My guess would be 1 of 2 things:

1) people were getting contentious and abusive over the translation needing to be fixed [and those posts were deleted].

2) people were getting contentious and off topic about people not having houses. [the first thread I ever saw locked was one with 'her wife' in it, people whine about 'one of the diplomats is deaf' in the esperanto tree as being PC nonsense... people bring politics into odd places.]

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I do not know what discussion you are referring to but it could just have gotten too unwieldy.


OK, it gets weirder. Two days ago I submitted "there are people who have no house", even though there were already about twenty comments on the discussion that this should be accepted. Yesterday they sent me a "we now accept this translation". (They probably send these messages to everyone who submitted it, after they decide it is ok.) So maybe it was locked because they were in the process of adding that translation. Now today there are no more comments about that translation, they have all been removed, and the discussion is apparently unlocked.

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