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Very repetitive lessons and sentences

I'm getting bored by having to type the same sentences over and over, although I get them right. I think it's time consuming and not effective to have so many lessons which repeat the same stuff.

April 29, 2018



I need all the repetition I can get! I would love to have more practice before going on to the next lesson.


I have to agree. I am finding this also! But on the flip-side, at least it is helping to memorise it I suppose...


Don't think it. This way helps a lot, it's easier to remember all words you've done in a lesson... :)


Im actually surprised to find im enjoying it.

I knew I needed to do some repetitive grammar practice, and now Duo is providing.


Work a bit on your level 1 skills and come back to the level 2 and 3 skills later. I never do more than two or three repetitions of one skill at once. Did you have a look on your duome.eu progress page recently? It shows you which skills are gold according to the old system and which ẃould need to be practiced.


Very interesting, although it doesn't which skills are gold like you suggested.


Are you sure ? You looked at http://duome.eu/drigon9/progress ?? I see which of your old lessons are gold and which aren't.


Oh I only went to my profile but didn't see this progress page.

Thanks a lot. Greatly appreciated! Have a lingot :)


They do it to drill into your thick skull, so you don't forget


No, they're not doing it to help you remember. If they wanted to give you actual practice to help remember, they'd mix together many different sentences at least from the same group of lessons, rather than showing you the exact same sentence multiple times within a single lesson.

What they're giving you is almost completely empty filler, to make it look like there's more for you to do than there really is.


I have to agree with this. I get tired of seeing "Entschuldigung" pop up 8 times during a 13 question section. If doing regular 'Practice' took different questions from any of your previously completed sections, I would be a lot more impressed and happy with Duolingo as a whole. That's not to say that I don't like this learning platform, (I LOVE what Duolingo has been able to teach me) but it could use a little bit of work as far as its use of repetition goes.


My best guess is they massively increased the amount of work to justify charging.

It is better for me with a language I started from scratch (German) than the other languages I already knew.


There is no reason to move this slowly. The best language-learning strategy is actually to sprint through the grammar to get a quick overview, then fortifying that foundation. That does NOT mean 50 variations of "The bread is on the plate." That's just aggravating.


Eaxctly, just repeat enough in order not forget too much stuff until you reach the bottom. I always did something like 30 to 70 % of repetition, 30% on the first third of the tree, continuously increasing to 70% on the last.

If you just push skill by skill to L5, you will always do more than 90% of repetition (1 new to 11 old lessons), which is ridiculous, in particular at the beginning. Even if there might be some new sentences in L4-5, it's better to save them for later repetitions.


I agree about the repetitive sentences, but what disappoints me (bothers me) more is having to click on boxes to match the sentences. This is a new format that came with the crowns. It is really tedious and is really just one slow translation after another. It is time consuming and doesn't seem to have any good pedagogical reason. Where is the old timed practise? This new system is definitely a disincentive.


You can switch back to keyboard input by clicking the keyboard symbol below the word selection. Atm timed practice is only available for skills at maximum level and for the global practice button on the right side of the main screen, that is unfortunately not rising the skill levels/crowns. If I'm up to date....


Okay, thanks. I'll try it.


I actually like the repetition, as it makes my spoken language more automatic and fluid. I make things more challenging by trying to "beat the clock" and get the maximum of 20 points for each round. I also try to remember to repeat what the speakers say, exactly as they say it, and as fast as they do. I think Duolingo has improved my language skills enormously.


Agree! And lately, I've noticed that in Global Practices, Duolingo is tossing in sentences I've never had in a lesson - which makes it harder to get 20 points but is a fun challenge, as these sentences rarely introduce new vocabulary but make me really think about how to construct something based on what I've learned so far, and to do it quickly in the Timed Practice.


And there should be more grammar instructions in the lessons. German is so complex, there so much rules. Every lesson has to have some more instructions.


Absolutely. There must be some way to add more variety to lessons. I would love to see lessons even just mixing up the nouns, pronouns and adjectives more than they do currently. Why is it ALWAYS 'The girls' apples are red'? Why not 'The boys' shoes are blue'? Or 'The cats' noses are funny?'


I just tried making a skill gold, so I went with the first one.

The result?
Did 300xp in less than 15 mins.
What did I gain?
Improved my typing skills :D /s


You shouldn't use Duolingo solely to learn a language. I use the Michel Thomas audiobooks. While they do cost a lot, I found a website where you can get over a 50-60% discount if that helps :) https://sites.google.com/view/languagesplus/



I agree, and I have used Duolingo only to expand my vocabulary and keep German part of my routine, while most of my learning has been in classrooms.

It used to be fun, but lately I barely do 10XP a day


Uebung macht den Meister.


It is the curse of the crown system.


They dumbed down the courses, at least for me, before they rolled out the crown system. German was the worst; I was still practicing it actively and being challenged around a year ago. Some months before they rolled out crowns, German changed. The change happened all at once for me, it was like someone flipped a switch...it went to inane, just like the OP describes here...the same sentence over and over again.

I seriously wanted to beat a Duolingo developer with a baseball bat when it happened it made me so angry.

I cancelled my paid subscription too...I had been a paid subscriber for two months before I went through this.

They lost me. I barely ever practice Duolingo these days...I feel like they broke the site for me, took something good and useful and made it idiotic and a waste of time.


It was and probably still is like this in some courses. It seems like there are some problems with the database or the algorithm that chooses the questions. They sent me in circles through a very limited set of skills and certain questions even when those skills were golden and others were not. That's why I developed my own routines of going through the skills already before the crowns update, and that's probably also the reason why I am not so much annoyed by the update. Even the per skill strengthening was already broken, so that I was forced to do it lesson by lesson every now and then to make it golden again.


I noticed that same earlier change as well. It made German so much worse. I still did practices when skills dropped from being golden, but that was mostly to give me something to space out the stories, so I wouldn't run through all of the available ones in only a couple weeks.

It's not as bad with the two new-to-me languages I'm working on (Mandarin and Japanese). But that's not because the new system is good. It's just that it's limitations are not as demotivating most of the time.


Try going through the tree along your own path. Doing 5 lessons of one subject in one sitting is really boring, as you tend to get the same sentences over and over again. Doing one lesson each of 5 different subjects is a lot more fun. Then you can come back to the first subject tomorrow, or the day after, or next week, or whenever you feel like it. You'll still get some of the same old sentences, but they won't be in your short-term memory, and you'll get the benefit of working them out (again) from scratch.


This seems to miss the core problem: the repetition is not between lessons, but within one single lesson. It's most noticeable in the most basic exercises, but I've seen it throughout the tree for German. Within a single lesson, the exact same sentence will be repeated in multiple forms: translate from English to German, translate from German to English, choose the missing word, speak this sentence aloud, write the sentence that you hear, etc. And it's fairly common to have the exact same question repeat two or three times within one single lesson.

The problem is that, once you've seen one version of the sentence, the remaining versions offer essentially no real practice, because the answer is already in your short-term memory. (And the worst possibility is getting the "repeat after me"question first, because then you get no real practice at all since you've essentially just been handed the answer to every other question using that sentence.)


This is exactly what I was talking about


I disagree. They offer no real CHALLENGE, but practice is a different story. I see a problem. I get it wrong. I'm prompted with the correct answer. I stop and think about what I was doing wrong and how that that piece of grammar (or vocabulary) actually works. Then the repetitions provide drilling to make the new realizations actually stick.

No, I'm not claiming that happens every time. But it happens often enough.


I'm a fast learner too. Just try not to reach level 5 of each lesson in one go but rather reach level 1 on every lesson until you get the trophy in the end.

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