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  5. "Please, drink more wine."

"Please, drink more wine."

Translation:Bitte, trinken Sie mehr Wein.

April 29, 2018



I can also tell to a well-known person: "Bitte, trinke mehr Wein". Unfortunately, it was not accepted and I have reported it as an answer, which is correct, too.

I think, Duolingo is having problems with the correct German imperative form "trinke" again. (-;

Edit: Really, Duolingo accepts only the imperative form: trink and that is wrong.


Ich habe "Bitte, trink mehr Wein" geschrieben und das war nicht akzeptiert. Wie koennen wir wissen, dass der Satz "hoeflich" ist?


why Sie is used in between, we can simply say "bitte, trinken mehr wein" . Is that correct or not?


The polite imperative form requires the personal pronoun, hence your anwer doesn't work.


2nd pers. sing.: Bitte, trink mehr!
2nd pers. plur.: Bitte, trinkt mehr!
polite: Bitte, trinken Sie mehr!


"Trinken Sie mehr Wein bitte." accepted. (It is just a word order option, maybe unnatural)


Thank you Zsventilla for your comment. Actually, it was my mistake. When I returned to my sentence, I noted that I had written "drink" in English instead of "trink", otherwise I think my sentence would have been accepted.


Imagine if this can be a doctor's recommendation. I'll be like Yes please

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