"Vloni přestali používat energii z uhlí."

Translation:Last year, they stopped using energy from coal.

April 29, 2018

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je možné: Last year they stopped to use energy from coal


What's the differencec between "Skocit" and "Prestát"?


Skočit means 'jump, leap, ...' :)

Skončit means 'finish, end, terminate...' I don't think it can be followed by a verb in Czech, you need to use nouns or verbal nouns: skončit + acc / s + ins

Přestat means 'stop, quit (doing sth)' It's followed by either a verb or by s + ins

Přestát means 'endure, come through' Followed by acc.

Pay attention to accents ;)


Thank you! Anyway, could you make an example comparing "Skoncit" and "Prestat"?


I'll try.

Přestal pracovat. 'He stopped working.' or Přestal s prací. 'He stopped the work.'. To put it simply, he stopped working to take a bite of his sandwich. He's not done yet.

Skončil práci. 'He finished the work.' while Skončil s prací. is closer to 'He is done with/finished working/the work.' I'd say that in this case, the first one is more about a single piece of work, the second more about a process (of working).

As an endnote, the noun is práce; it loses the accent in some cases, don't let that confuse you.


Definitely gotcha now! Thank you so much! Take a lingot!


I know I'm late to the game, but I like the questions you ask. Thanks for asking them!


Thanks for your answer.

If I get this right, in the original sentence, "they" did not use energy from coal last year, but are expected to continue using such energy later?


No, they might continue later, but the sentence does not imply that. Tjey may have well stopped for good.

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