"Sníh pod našima nohama byl šedý."

Translation:The snow under our feet was grey.

April 29, 2018

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I know that this is weird "The snow under our legs was grey", but the translation is not incorrect.


Can you point to some actual usage in English (corpus, article, book) or did you just make it up?


I'm just basing in the fact that in czech (as far as I know) tehres no distinction between legs and hands.


I suppose you meant between legs and feet.

feet = nohy , chodidla

legs = nohy

hand = ruka

hands = ruce

arm = ruka , paže

arms = ruce , paže


i have written,, there was a gray snow under our feet,, and it was not accepted, is that translation ok?


I am native AmE. To me, it is usable, though more "poetic" with "A gray snow" than with simply "gray snow." In everyday speech, just "gray snow" is much more common and that would be expected. But your answer might be added if the team feels that accepting it would not create a problem for non-English natives taking the course.


No, it is not a translation for "Sníh pod našima nohama byl šedý.", but for "Pod našima nohama byl šedý sníh." And, I think "snow" is uncountable, so without "a".

😊 BoneheadBass, you were faster and I believe you there may be "a gray snow".

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