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"How useful would the chair with three legs be?"

Translation:Jak užitečná by byla ta židle se třemi nohami?

April 29, 2018



Why not "ta zidle by byla" but "by byla ta zidle"?


Why is "tremi" instead of "trema", here? Isn't it dual anymore?


Well dual, as its name suggests, is used when there are two of the noun. In standard Czech, the forms in -ma are only used when they are exactly two of the noun, and -mi is used when there are more than two.
In colloquial Czech however, it's not uncommon to use -ma even when there are more than two.


Not exactly.

The main point of confusion here is that dual is used with body parts (kočka se čtyřma nohama) but not with inanimate things (stůl se čtyřmi nohami)


DAAAAAAAMN! Ok! Gotcha! Dekuju moc! Give ya lingot!

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