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What is the best way to complete the Duo Crown tree?

Is it best to start at the top of Duo's crown tree and complete all levels of a specific topic (say "Basic" or "Adjectives") from level 1 to 5 before moving to the next item in the tree or is it advisable to complete the entire tree to level 2 for instance and then start at the top of the tree again and complete every item to level 3 and then start again to level 4 etc. or is some other method advisable?

April 29, 2018



I move through the tree at crown level 1, and I keep a mix of starting new lessons to acquire new skills at crown level 1 while also doing lessons of the skills that have already been opened.

This has the advantages that I avoid extreme repetition, and that I am confronted with structures that I learned several weeks ago, but that I may forget: I keep in contact with my acquired knowledge while expanding my knowledge.

This means that basically while moving forward, I am at level 1, but I move on to level 2 and 3 and further in the course of time.


I agree with you, perhaps bathozer should do something between option 1 and option 2


Going directly to level 5 will bore you to death and take some years, depending on your daily goal. Doing everything just at level one might not be enough repetition, as completing the tree at level 1 can take between three months and a year, so you might forget the basics before you arrive at the bottom.

I would suggest to do some lessons of skills at the bottom of the tree and go on to the next skill once the current one is at level 1 (mastered), but also do some repetition lessons of older skills. duome.eu can show you which skills have the least strenght and are worth to be practiced. Just do some lessons from their list until the skill is at 100% again, then go on the the next skill with less than 100%. Take care to click at the little crown there, so that you slowly level up by time.

You can have a look at my page there and then just replace my user name with yours: duome.eu/Max.Em/progress


Thanks, this makes the most sense. It is super annoying that you can't look at this info from the actual website but I am so glad that there is someone that put this info together for all of us.


This might seem weird. How I learn is through constant repetition. Right now, December 2019, I have about 20 categories that are gold. As an example, the next categories are at levels 4, 3, 2 and 1. So when I start learning for the day I'll get my "level 4" category to gold out at level 5, my level 3 category to level 4, and so on. Then after that, I'll do one or two practice levels. Hope this helps someone. cheers


Thanks Jeff for the Michael Thomas series. I had not heard of these before. I know better ways than Duolingo exist, but Duolingo is so simple. I'm not sure I'm ready to switch to another method at the moment, but I completely agree with you another method may hasten my German language learning!



Based on the advice below I'm am going to complete the entire German tree at level 1 and then start at the top of the tree and complete to level 2 etc. What I didn't ask in my original question is "Does mastering (level 5) of "Food" for instance help complete level 2 of "Nom. Pronouns"


Yes, each new topic will include what you learned before.

For instance, let's say you're first topic taught you how to say colours. When you were at level one, it would teach you simple things like red and blue. Later, when you get more advanced, and get a higher level, it will teach you more complex colours like turquoise and violet.

Now let's say on topic 2, it taught you how to say animals in German. Eventually, u will come across a sentence which will ask you to translate "the turquoise tortoise."

Doulingo works like that


To complete the Duo tree's I recommend you also use another language learning technique so you don't run out of steam and get bored. I personally use something called Michel Thomas, they are just audiobooks and they are easier on the brain. I found somewhere where you can get a 50-60% discount on them because they are expensive. Try: https://sites.google.com/view/languagesplus/



I really appreciate people chiming in here with their opinion on the best way to complete the language tree. What I did not say in my original post was, "Does any science, brain science, exist behind the Duolingo language tree. From an optimal learning perspective is it best to use the tree one way or another. For instance I could see learning level basics to level 5 before moving on to ensure one is maximizing learning Predicate Adjectives later. Can one really learn Predicate adjectives if they don't understand basics cold (down pat).


Just got to do it systematically IMO. Repetition, whilst inherently labouring and dull, is an imperative element in the language learning process.


I first learn the vocabulary from a new lesson with the Tiny Cards, then upgrade it until level 2. If I think that the lesson is hard or important, I also do level 3.


Taking each skill to five before moving on seems insane. In the languages where I'm learning (I had completed the German tree before crowns were added) I'm going to one or two crowns (depending on how difficult I find the still), then moving to the next skill.

Once I've completed the tree I can go back and complete another level, and so on. And this is what I'm doing with German at the moment, going through the tree to raise all skills to three in a first pass.

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