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Ich komme wieder......translated: I come back /i will be back Can it be ... I come again / I am coming again ? If not, how would it be ? And why is the discussion locked ?

April 29, 2018



Hi nicksana, you can translate this sentence in more ways. In German we tend to use the present tense for future actions too. So it would be right to translate it:

I am coming back again.

I will be coming back.

I will come back.

I come back again.

all of these translations are correct depending on your purpose what you wanted to express in English. ;-))


Thanks, but I still do not get it. 1. Why is it not accepted without the ....BACK ? 2. Why is the discussion locked ? (this probably is not your cup of tea, just wondering)


Mhm, I do not think that "back" is really needed here. However, if I tell you "Ich komme wieder" then it implies that I will come back to the place I had been (before).

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Because of the word wieder.


I think "i come again" is fine.


Maybe, but it is not accepted.

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Yes, Ich komme weider can be translated as "I am coming again".


"der Himmel fällt" is also locked! Because everyone wants to write "the sky falls" or "the sky is falling", which are both rejected. Rather than fix the mistake, just block the discussion = problem solved.


What a nice way to learn !

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