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  5. "František is no longer here."

"František is no longer here."

Translation:František už tady není.

April 29, 2018



I am desperate. I had to choose only the given words and I failed term and word order! My answer was "František tady není ještě", a disaster I guess! Is there someone who could explain me when to use "ještě" and when "už" in fact? Thanks to all the assistance and patience of our Czech language experts!


Try this although I am not very satisfied with it https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26862763


"Frantisek tady neni uz" was rejected. Am I overlooking something, is "uz" a clitic, or is there a specific position where "tady" should be? (I know I have trouble placing it correctly)


It is very unusual to put už at the end. It can be used poetically, but it is normally not natural. Usually it is in front of the verb, the subject or the object.


I put "František není už tady" which was marked as incorrect. Why is that?


It is much better to put už in the second position.


I wrote "František už není sem" I was trying to use "sem" instead of "tady", kind of way to remember new words learned :) but DL told me it is wrong. I read the thread here and did not find anything that explains me why it was wrong, thus, the question :) Is there any limitation on where to use "sem"? I looked up in the dictionary (Czech-Spanish) and it shows up sem as here


"sem" is here as a direction, not a location.


Thanks, now I understand! There are so many subtleties!

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