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can not start over?

I am in Chinese and "level" 7. The sections on "numbers" and "names", etc, are also called levels (confusing). I dont want to start all over. But the difficulty changes radically from section 2 to 3 (numbers to names) and I can not progress without repeating some "names" section again. The only solution I find in the Discussion is completly start over. How do I repeat a section. It was able to do that a few weekaa ago but the system sudenly changed and does not allow it. It also zerowed the sections I had done and added many more but kept some numbers like "Level" intackt.

April 29, 2018



I don't understand your problem. Could you explain it again?


Settings-Languages-Remove of reset languages-Chinese-Reset-Yes


Does not help. As I said, I dont want to start over, just repeat some sub-sections.


I thought of two ways to do this:

first way
1.create a new account.
2.make a classroom on your old account.
3. have your new account join your old account's classroom. 4. on your old account, give your new account a assignment for whatever you want so you can skip the previous lessons.
5. on you new account do the lesson you want until it gets too hard.
6. reset your progress on the old account.
7. repeat 4-6

my second way is just too complain to Duolingo.

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