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  5. "O vestido dela é apertado."

"O vestido dela é apertado."

Translation:Her dress is tight.

April 23, 2014



In english slang, this sentence could also mean her dress is really awesome!


Yaaa baybee ! :-) --- Says Austin Powers :-)


what is the difference between apertado and justo?


Apertado is too tight, and justo = tight.


So shouldn't "too tight" be accepted? This jibes with the Tips on the section, too.


Just slight difference in degree of tight?


My understanding is that it's the difference between "snug" and "overly tight".


Are you saying that justo=just the right amount of tightness and the other is more like too tight, as in too small? Because I was wondering if this was the same or similar to 'snug'.


In english, saying "the dress of hers is tight" is not a normal saying, but its not a wrong saying either. Reported.


the sentence in portuguese is right


My initial thought would be... "Dela vestido é apertado." A lot of times I feel like if I needed to come up with these sentences in a conversation or something, I would completely mess them up!


Old comment, but think of "dela" as "of her" (de + ela) and it's easier


Why "é apertado" instead of "está apertado"? It seems a temporary condition. Se está apertado, tire aquilo.


The dress of her is tight is that supposed to be wrong?


This is the very literal translation (with one correction: it should have been "The dress of she is tight"). But nobody talks like that in English. "Dela" actually means just "her(s)" and if you place it in the usual position, suddenly the article appears wrong and has to be removed:

  • O vestido dela é apertado => The dress (of she) is tight =>
    => (The her) dress is tight => Her dress is tight


Its just the way its translated. For example in spanish a lot of things translate backwards which often applies to Portuguese. (Ex: The blue cat, O gato azul.) The way the sentence should be translated would be "Her dress is tight" bevause in english most people dont say "The dress of she is tight" , that js just the literal translation but it doesnt mean jts exactly wrong. I hope i helped!!


Would apertado/apertada be connected to gender or to the subject it's relating to?


It's related to the noun it is referring to.

"Vestido" is a masculine noun, so you have to use "apertado".


the dictionary give as translation ''too tight''

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