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NYC German Learners/Speakers?

We should get together and study or read, surprised there wasn't a group in the events section. Wo bist du?

April 29, 2018



You're in luck that there is a branch of the Goethe Institut in NYC. The Goethe Institut is the official German language and culture institute of Germany.


The NYC location offers many German language and culture events each month, including board game nights and movie nights. It's a good place to meet other German language learners and speakers. Here's a link to their events webpage:


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Thanks to your answer I checked to see if there is a Goethe Institut-Chicago and there is! There are also Goethe Institute (this is the German plural for Institutes) in Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC and LA, besides NYC. With 13211 Lingots already, I still think you deserve another.


Thank you. The Goethe Institut branch in Chicago is a very active branch. It helps that there are a lot people with German ancestors in the greater Chicago area.

I personally have been to the Goethe Institut in Washington, DC many times for a number of reasons. I have been to a number of their events, and I have taken 5 German language courses there, along with the A1 exam (and soon the A2 exam).

My most recent Goethe Institut experience was a 4 week stay at the Goethe Institut in Munich, Germany. I attended one of their 4-week intensive German language courses, and lived in their guesthouse/hostel for the duration of the course. It was an expensive trip, but well worth the experience; especially since it was my first time ever in Germany.

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Wow, what a great opportunity!


Hi cyberpagan. I am just north of NYC in Putnam county. If there was a group getting together for any kind of study I would be interested in joining in.

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