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  5. "Anapenda kuendesha pikipiki"

"Anapenda kuendesha pikipiki"

Translation:He loves to ride a motorcycle

April 29, 2018



"Motorcycle" is old-fashioned in Britain; "motorbike" is preferred (marked wrong in April 2018).


Wouldn't it be right to say "He loves to ride motorcycles"?


That's definitely correct. Report it if Duo doesn't approve of it.


Why to drive is not correct?


In English you drive a car but ride a bicycle or motorbike.


That is incorrect. In english you ride a bike but you drive a motorcycle. Either way he likes to drive a motorcycle should be accepted.


You can certainly say "to ride a motorcycle" or "to drive a motorcycle." Either is fine in English.


"Ride" is much more common, and certainly what the motorcyclists I know would say. The analogy is with riding a horse (i.e. sitting on it). See this explanation:


what on earth is wrong with "He likes to ride a motorbike" penda = like or love. pikipiki = motorcycle = motorbike. So why is my answer marked as incorrect? Really, you guys know how to frustrate with the pedantry you all too often adopt.


Just to clarify, this is the least effective way to get a message to "you guys" (the moderators), as this discussion forum is for the students to help each other. The most effective way is to click on the flag when your answer is marked as incorrect and select "My answer should have been accepted". As I understand it, that goes to the moderators. They can then add your answer, but it may take them a very long time to react because they are volunteers. Every so often they seem to get some free time and fix a bunch of these reports. It's probably a thankless task.

The people who created the course didn't come up with all possible alternative answers, and any that didn't occur to them get marked as incorrect. I don't think it's a sign of pedantry, just a sign that the course needed more beta-testing before it was released. Using the Report flag helps to fill that gap, bit by bit.


Thanks for that. Good advice for next time I disagree with an answer.

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