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Korean's kicking in!

It's taken about four months of consistent studying, but I can finally feel the gears cranking a bit smoother when working with Korean. I intend to make a more objective post about the past month of language learning when I reach a month with Crowns use (next Sunday!), but in the meantime, I've been able to pick up more while watching things, I translated a little warning message for a friend (she needed to know how to ask people online to not repost her artwork), and Korean has been seeping into my subconscious. My inner mind 'suggests' a lot of Korean phrasing and words when I'm speaking in Spanish (my L2), and that used to be French, so perhaps Korean will be my L3 from now on.

I've been busy with finals the past two weeks (so, so glad my research projects and papers are over), so most of my learning took place offline. But, I've been practicing saying little phrases and creating my own sentences, and I am retaining a lot of the vocabulary I drilled BEFORE finals upon the addition of Crowns. For however bored I've felt at different points, they are helping.

In any case, I am excited to be building my Korean skills more steadily nowadays. Still have yet to reach Level 25, but I should get all my skills to Level 3 by the time next week rolls around. Only a couple weeks left until summer class + French, so I'll be working hard with Korean in the meantime.

April 30, 2018



Can't wait until I can finally read and speak fluent Korean.


Chukahabnida ! Hwaiting !




can't wait until i can speak full italian i hope i can and also korean im working on both of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry tried to post cats but i can't so don't give me lingots.....


I have 1 months and the exams before the end of the school ,but I'm trying to spend some time on Duolingo so I really hope to have time during the summer which are 3 months; do you think I can learn something? what other things did you use to be fluent in 4 months?! you are an inspiration for me (cuz I really want to learn korean and be fluent! can't wait!) :')

AND I have another important question : can you understand kpop idols when they are talking?


I am not fluent by any means. I know enough to get around and ask for help / food / hotels, etc. Basic survival. Fluency is another journey that I cannot speak on.

Depends on the conversation.


i do to i hate it

i need help its hard.........


I know I'm late to comment, but I hope you make it! I know how you feel, I'm still reaching to my goal! Fighting with you!


It's amazing how much easier the language is on your second pass. It just starts to click the more you are exposed to it.


congrats for what?


make sure you see my discussion its italian and korean yay plzlook at it plzzzzzzzzz


The Korean language is on the rise for sure!


It's awesome to see your progression! Inspires me to keep going and learn more. :)


i have 89 lingots

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