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  5. "Ñurha qintra ipradilzi!"

"Ñurha qintra ipradilzi!"

Translation:They are going to eat my turtles!

April 30, 2018



Doesn't it also mean "My turtles are going to eat"?


Ñurha qintra can be nominative or accusative. So sadly it can not be differentiated here. And so it can mean both:
"My turtles will eat" (turtles -> nominative)
"They will eat my turtles" (turtles -> accusative)


Hm I choose to translate it as 'my turtles will eat'. No one's eating my turtles...


Oh sry i first read "doesn't it always mean..." so i thought i need to explain it. Im sorry :D
But i'll leave the explanation here anyway for other people

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