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"I cannot breathe because of the pollution."

Translation:Kvůli znečištění nemůžu dýchat.

April 30, 2018



"Kvůli znečištění dýchat nemůžu", is wrong?


It is less common, but not impossible. Honestly, first I thought it is impossible, it sounded really strange, but one gets used to it after reading it a few times. As always, it puts more stress on nemůžu while the official translation is either neutral or stresses dýchat.

So it is "I CANNOT breathe because of the pollution." probably unlike someone who can.

However, I would prefer "Já kvůli (tomu) znečištění dýchat nemůžu." in this case where you stress it is you who cannot breathe and maybe someone else can.



Ok! Thanks :D. I'll keep in mind those "strees-rules" ;)

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