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"They are not ugly children, they are beautiful children."

Translation:Ei nu sunt copii urâți, ei sunt copii frumoși.

4 months ago



I wrote "Ele nu sunt copii urâti, ele sunt copii frumoși" and it was rejected. Shouldn't this be accepted as a reasonable translation? If we were talking about girls, this would be how we would say it, no? Or must the pronoun always have to agree with "copii"?

4 months ago

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That sounds really off/incorrect, because there's no gender agreement between "ele" and "copii/urâți". Also, you would normally use some other word instead of "copii" here, if you were referring to girls; such as "fete" or its diminutive "fetițe". But if you really want to use something as close as possible to "copii", then there is also the word "copile" (singular "copilă") in Romanian, which is kinda the corresponding word when referring to girls only. Here are the examples:

  • Ele nu sunt fete urâte, ele sunt fete frumoase.
  • Ele nu sunt fetițe urâte, ele sunt fetițe frumoase.
  • Ele nu sunt copile urâte, ele sunt copile frumoase.
4 months ago