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  5. "Ez az önök szekrénye."

"Ez az önök szekrénye."

Translation:This is your wardrobe.

April 30, 2018



I'm confused -- why is "önök" not "their""


Well, it may be "their" in another language, but in Hungarian it is the formal you. It refers to "you" in plural, but it takes the third person conjugation.


önök = formal you in 3P Pl form, ok that is clear, but shouldn't the possessive markers then be:
Ez az önök szekrényük. (Edit: wrong) ? This is your wardrobe.
Ez az ő szekrényük. This is their wardrobe.
Ez az ön szekrénye. ? This is your wardrobe.
Ez az ő szekrénye. This is his/her wardrobe.


No, the 3rd person plural is a special case, depending on who the possessor is:

  • [Not mentioned]:
    "A szekrényük" - (their) wardrobe

  • "ők" (3pl pronoun):
    "Az ő szekrényük" - their wardrobe

  • anything else:
    "Az önök szekrénye" - your wardrobe


So önök switches in its possessives behavior to its little brother ön and shares the singular?

That is an info that seems as important as the lost k for ők.


This is the general rule for all third person plural possessives. "Önök" is not special, it is just one of the "anything else" group.

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