"To drink"


April 30, 2018

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How do I pronounce this?



If you're not linguistically inclined, the "ny" is a single consonant sound as the ñ in Spanish. It’s like “n” + “y” except if you’re pronouncing it correctly and you look in the mirror, the front of your tongue should be down, not up, simply arching its back up in the middle towards the palate.

If you know how to pronounce Spanish, basically like “cuñua” making sure that the second “u” is like a “w” sound.


Does anyone know where to find the present tense singular affirmative and negative forms of the verbs because in other courses, when you come across a verb conjugation and hover the mouse over it, it shows you the conjugations of the verbs, and there is also an option to access a verb dictionary.

Where can we make suggestions for a dictionary for positive and negative verb conjugations in different tenses?


Kunychiwa, can I offer a drink? (Eselsbrücke)

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