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Errors, and more errors

I have had at least questions in the last few days that were marked wrong but were correct. For example, the word Gast translates to Guest or Tourist. If you hover on the work Gast, the first translation is Gast. however, if you use Guest in the sentence, its wrong. You have to use tourist.

I rarely saw any errors prior to the changeover. Now, there are a lot.

Also, yesterday I had 30 points toward my daily goal of 10 point. Last night about 8, I get an email saying I need to do my lesson to keep my streak. So I did another 10 bringing it up to 40 and kept my streak.

Whats going on Duolingo??

April 30, 2018



Guest = Gast oder Besuch.

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Gast = guest/customer/visitor/patron Remember context rules!

Besuch= usually visit/ sometimes visitor


Maybe I wasn’t clear. The question was in German to be translated to English. The word used was Gast. If you hover over the word, the first translation was “guest” and then “tourist” as an second translation. I translated “Gast” as guest and the answer was marked wrong. The “correct” translation used the word tourist. That bugs me since either guest or tourist could be correct given the context. If Duo’s first translation of a word is guest, then it should be accepted as correct. In another case Bücher (which I translated as books) was marked incorrect and the “correct” answer translated Bücher as “Book” which is not correct.

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It probably should have been marked correct; but when you hover over words in some exercises not all words work in the particular context especially in the more advanced lessons. Bücher should be books, did you get the article right, if there was one?

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