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"I need money to pay for this cup of tea."

Translation:Necesito dinero para pagar esta taza de té.

April 30, 2018



why is this "para pagar" and not "pagar para"


'pagar' is 'to pay (for)' and in this case 'para' means 'in order to'. So 'para pagar' is '(in order) to pay for'. The other way around is not grammatical.

If there is a 'to' in sentence that you can exchange with 'in order to' without changing meaning, you have to translate it with 'para'.


thank you! that makes sense


So basically, "pagar" is best translated as "to purchase"?


Comprar = "to buy" or "to purchase"

Pagar = "to pay" or "to pay for"


'Necesito dinero para pagar por esta taza de té' was marked as wrong. Why is it wrong to use 'por' here? I guess it might be redundant, but is it wrong?


I also would like to know


i was marked wrong for using "el dinero" instead of "dinero" and i am wondering if this is an error on DL or if i am just not understanding when to use or not use articles


I used "copa" instead of "taza" and was marked wrong with the answer: "necesito dinero para pagar esta copa de té" Is that really wrong? Or am I missing something?


Copa usually means glass, as in ‘una copa de vino por favor’.


It is very dificult to use the "help" items when they are so inconsistently applied. At times it is clear that the second or third should be correct but Duo marks it incorrect - Duo really needs to work on consistency in presentation of the solutions - if it is going to be wrong then it should not be on the "help" lists for that exercise.


I used por after pagar and was marked wrong. Do you generally omit the por when using pagar? Or is it not a consistent rule?


Why was I marked wrong when I gave a totally correct answer?


You have to use "para" any time you can exchange it for "in order to" do something in English


Why is it wrong to put " Yo necesito dinero pagar para esta taza de te?"


Because you wrote "pagar para" instead of "para pagar".


In thr past Duolingo did not uae para aftet pagar. Avtually marked me wrong once. Necesito pagar esta taza de te


Why isn't el dinero rather than just dinero?


Answer looks absurd. 'Need to pay for' or 'need for paying' don't make much difference. Both answers should be accepted.

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