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"उसकी पैंट"

अनुवाद:Her pants

April 23, 2014

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Is 'his pants' wrong?


'His pants' is definitely right, LeMaitre. 'His trousers', 'her trousers' are some other acceptable translations.


But DL didn't accept the answer. I reported it anyway.


Thanks for reporting it. It has now been added as an acceptable translation.


I have also observed that mostly gender neutral hindi possessives are translated to female possessive as default. It is "her pants", "her shoes", "her coat" and so on.


That is an interesting observation. Duolingo generally likes us to mark only "one translation" as the best. There is a good justification for this for most languages. We have tried to be gender neutral in the sense that we have tried to provide feminine versions as the "best" translation on some and the masculine version for others (actually you may find more of these overall).

We might revisit this to see if we should mark both the masculine and feminine forms as equally best for the sentences where it applies.


Yup, I noticed that too.

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