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German for women

I thought that the plural of Frau was Frauen in all four cases. Duolingo has just tried telling me I should have used Fraün. Does that even exist?

April 30, 2018



No, that's definitely not a german word;-) Frauen is correct


You are correct in assuming that the word does not exist.

It lookes like somebody wrongly thought, that u + e would have to be written as ü, which is definitely not the case here.

The a and u form a diphtong, and while the combination äu exists in other words, I connot think of a single word that contains aü.


If you are in doubt about a word, you can go to duden.de and search for it there. If it doesn't appear, it's unlikely to be good German or German at all.


Cythra and Marko246521, Fraün is actually a German word. I just quit German today, but I remember my lessons. I love the language, but couldn't keep up with it. Fraün was another way to say woman, but it is rarely used. People use Frau or it's plural Frauen instead now. I have no idea why Duo said that, but this is my knowledge. Hope it helps!


No, you are wrong. I am German and the word Fraün does definitely not exist in the German language.


Ok, thank you! It's nice to be corrected!


I am a 36 year old German girl from Berlin Germany and my parents teached me old styles of German too. We all have never used a word like "Fraün" and I never heard about it. Google told me now that it came from Türkisch and means "women of full". An old synonym for women from real old German was "Frowen" and singular "Frowe" it is the ancestor of "Frau"/ "Frauen"




Awesome, thanks!


I do my very best to help to understand my mothers language


https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Frau Every german word is found in the Duden. Fraün does not exist.

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