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  5. "我不能放松!"


Translation:I cannot relax!

May 1, 2018



What's the difference between 放松 and 放心?


放心 means don't worry.

I think it's easier by understanding the meaning of characters: 放 is an action, it alone does not explain much except an action. 松 means loose. 放松 means an action to loosen, hence the English translation of relax. 心 means heart. 放心 means an action to put down your heart, which we normally mean "not worried".


what about 休息 and 輕鬆?


From my interpretation of the dictionary entries, seems that 休息 is to rest (from a state of work)/to take a break from something; 轻松 is to take it easy/to relax/the state of being relaxed; 放松 is more associated with the act of becoming relaxed/loosening (from a tense state).

For more context can look at rough translations of the individual characters. Both of 休息 separately ~ rest. 松 ~ loosen/relax. 轻 ~ light/easy/unstressed. 放 ~ release/let go. So 轻松 ~ relax and take it easy; 放松 ~ let go of stress.


Since this sentence uses 能, does it mean something like "I'm trying to relax, but I find that I cannot (I'm just too wound up)" as opposed to "I'd like to relax but I can't (because I have to finish this project,)" {which I imagine would use 可以})?


It can mean both (可以 is also correct).

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