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"Yo voy al cine los fines de semana."

Translation:I go to the movies on weekends.

May 1, 2018



A better translation is "I go to the cinema at weekends"


That sounds very odd to American ears. "At weekends" is a UK usage, correct?


In England I don't think we ever say going to the movies, it's always going to the cinema or going to the pictures if you're late middle age


Since the present tense in English--I go--implies it is a habitual act, there is no difference between "on the weekend" and "on weekends."

Well, no difference except the first is a lot more common in the circles I frequent.


There is a difference, imo. I go to the movies on the weekend implies you only go to the movies on the weekend, and not during the week. I go to the movies on weekends implies that you go to the movies every weekend, or at least with some consistency. Similar, but not exactly the same.


The word cards suggested "I go to the movies on weekends" - shouldn't that be "cinema" instead of "movies"?


In the U.S. it's much more common to say "movies". Saying "cinema" wouldn't be incorrect, it just sounds very formal.


I appreciate your comment. But I got confused because a couple sentences back I was using pelicula - movie. Now cine is movies but it's not, it's really "going to the (movie) theater." I used theater which was accepted, but they suggested movies. So, cine and peliculas both mean movies, but in a different way. I'm cool with that!


All of the versions sound weird to me. I'm an American and I hear (and say), "I go to the movies on the weekends."


Yeah, there was only one "the" in the bubble version of the question, and I wanted two....


I agree with Katie . "On the weekends " is common vernacular in the States.


Wrote "to the cinema" and got it wrong. Gave me "to the movies" as the correct answer. Blah.


What's wrong with 'I go to the pictures at weekends'? Is it because I is English, not American?


In the US, we don't use "at weekends" at all! UK people, any insights?


where are the pleurals


I dont understand what makes cine plural?

[deactivated user]

    This is just one translation of the cinema, I'm from the United States. And going to the movies is a common way of saying (going to the movie theater or cinema.) I don't think the best translation is the movies either. So find your own better translation. Cinema, movie theatre, basically whatever you call the building that shows movies.


    Can anybody tell me why "I go to the cinema every weekend" isn't an acceptable option here?

    [deactivated user]

      Every weekend would be : cada fine de semana. Or todos los fines de semana.


      Differences between voy a and voy al?


      Voy al is I go to the, where voy a is only I go to. You can only use voy al if the place you are going to is masculine, because al is a conjuction of a+el. For a feminine place use Voy a la (playa, for example)


      great thanks angela


      Weekend or weekends


      "Al" is a combination of "a" + "el" and it is used for masculine words only. It means "to the." It is used rather than "a el" because it is much easier to pronounce it as one word than with double vowels.


      Why isn't it cines?


      Why is it fines de semana and not fines de semanas?


      I can see this topic has been covered below. It is not only Americans who are trying to learn Spanish, but also those who speak english-english, not american-english. It would be appreciated if Duolingo could take this into account. Thank you.


      Why doesn't "i go to the theater weekends" work?

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