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How to say No, I do not like the lamp

Hi, I'm pretty new to German I don't understand a whole lot about declension or conjugation or sentence structure because Duolingo doesn't do a great job at explaining that kind of stuff but Duolingo says, to say "No, I don't like the lamp" as "Nein, die Lampe mag ich nicht" but I tried it in 2 different translators and they said it should be written "Nein, Ich mag die Lampe nicht" If anyone could tell me which is correct or if one is more correct than the other and why that'd be great.


May 1, 2018



Actually, both the translators and Duolingo are right. Set aside the "no/nein", which is like an other subsentence, as long as the verb is in second position in an affirmative sentence, it's mostly right to put either the subject (I/ich) or the complement (die Lampe/the lamp) first.

What you do is putting more emphasis on the one you put at the head of the sentence. Obviously (or maybe not that obviously…) the more usual writing would be "Ich mag die Lampe nicht", meaning simply you don't like that lamp. By writing instead "Die Lampe mag ich nicht", you may be implying that perhaps, you like something/everything else. But both are grammaticaly equally correct.

Does it help?


Okay thank you very much, I read something about putting words in different places I'll have to practice that. Danke schön!


I would like to share something with you here, since your question has been answered.


This is exactly what I needed, thank you!


Yay!! So happy I could help!! Good luck!!!


I have worked on my German a bit i think it is Nein, ich mag die Lampe nicht

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