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How to get accent marks on letters from my keyboard?

Accent marks

May 1, 2018



Yes, standard QWERTY. My, very impressive list of accomplishments! I am new to this site.


Format: alt+(number code)

Á = 0193; á= 0225
É = 0201; é = 0233
Í = 0205; í = 0237
Ó = 0211; ó = 0243
Ú = 0218; ú=0250
Ü= 0220; ü= 0252
Ñ= 165; ñ = 164
¿ =191
¡ =161

If the numbers seem to be hard to memorize for you, trust me, you'll get used to it or form mnemonics yourself.


Alt codes work.

é 0233 for example alt + 0 2 3 3


Ok, thanks. I also heard about character codes and keyboard “control” features. I’ll check it all out. .


Thanks, Aron. But my iPad doesn’t have the control button. I guess I’ll do my lessons on my laptop. Good to know.


Oooh, have you tried to press and hold a letter?

Example: You want an á

Press and hold "a"
An array of accented a's will appear, slide your finger to the desired accent and release.


You can also add a Spanish keyboard to an iPad. If you go to Settings/General/Keyboard/Keyboards/add keyboard you can select a Spanish virtual knd.

You can have several keyboards installed and you can then step through them using the key with a wireframe globe on it.


I was wrong about the QWERTY-that’s my laptop.


Bravo, that works. Muchas gracias.


Aron! I tried the code for the upside down question mark and this is what I got : ┐ As far as I'm concerned that's not a question mark!

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