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i want the old way back

i want the old way back i stopped learning since i can't go back and redo the old lessons that i already done use to be when i felt i don't have it done i just did it again till i felt i can go head now i am forst to go head and feel i don't really know it but i get a crown yay

May 1, 2018



but you can redo the lesson? you can infact redo them anywhere up to 100 times for getting to gold and even then you can repeat them. sure they might not be the exact same lesson, but one of the complaints i hear over and over is that the lessons are repetitive.

so what is the problem?


I actually like the slight variation.


The problem is what he said it was. You can't redo a lesson. When you finish the lesson, you are automatically moved on to the next one in the skill. There is no choice not to move on, so you can't redo the lesson. You have to work through all the lessons in a skill before you cycle back to the lesson you wanted to do again. Not being able to study something until you think you have it goes against the very grain of the concept of studying.


Hard luck. I want the new way to stay as I am much more motivated to learn and do lessons than with the old way. Keep up the good work Duo.


why not let each user chose for himself in the settings


Because that would mean two sets of code and more databases to maintain. Not worth the overhead. Plus they will probably become incompatible with one another at some time.


Really? You like Duo to tell you that you're a crown level 1 in Italian even though you're well past complete understandings of the basics like "water" and pronouns?


I hadn't thought of it that way, but it's certainly a downgrade from the old where you could both practice/reinforce, as well as do individual lessons again.


I do too! How can anyone learn a lesson in one pass? I have to do each lesson multiple times to retain new words. But every time I complete a lesson I am forced into a new one with new words. This is most frustrating. I agree with everyone who wants to go back to the previous format or who thinks there should be a choice. Unfortunately I must be one of those few people who don’t have an eidetic memory.


Finally, I am back to the older version on my Android notepad. I used the method described here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26854073

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