"Ellas se cepillan el cabello en el baño."

Translation:They brush their hair in the bathroom.

6 months ago


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They brush their hair in the bath should be accepted too. baño means bath its use as bathroom is an abreviation of cuatro de baño, room of the bath

6 months ago


Why can't it be "They brush his hair in the bathroom."

1 month ago


Lav was accepted, but not bath?

In the US the only time I ever hear the word "lavatory" is on airplanes. I guess they want to make sure we understand there is no actual bath in those tiny little outhouses they have on planes.

1 month ago


Just a thought... How would one say "They brush each others' hair in the bathroom."?
Could the original Spanish sentence be construed to means that?

2 months ago
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