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  5. "Ich nehme an, es regnet."

"Ich nehme an, es regnet."

Translation:I suppose it is raining.

May 1, 2018



"I take it, it's raining" should be accepted. It's not meant to be literal, but it does work in English, and if the German and English have a nearly direct equivalent, that should work. Unfortunately, "Assume" didn't readily spring to mind at the time. Another one should be "I gather it's raining"


"I take it it's raining" was accepted for me.

While it's also acceptable to stick in a superfluous "that" as djusen suggests, this is not necessary.


What you have is ungrammatical. "I take it that it's raining" is accepted


My answer of "I suppose it's raining" should be accepted.


I presume it is raining is not accepted?!


Why is there a comma in German?


From what I understand, commas are used to separate clauses in German. Here, the two clauses are "I suppose" and "it is raining."

Sometimes a conjunction is present, and this is more obvious. For example, "Ich nehme an, DASS es regnet." -> "I suppose THAT it is raining." English doesn't require such comma usage. HTH.

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