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Best Supplement to Duolingo for Chinese?


I was looking for a (preferably free) supplement to Duolingo for learning Chinese. Since Duolingo doesn't start off with introducing pinyin and lacks the much-needed tones practice quiz, I am hoping to find a resource which helps me with practising tones.

I also am looking for a book that is similar to content taught here so that I can use it simultaneously and add to my progress.

Any suggestions?

May 1, 2018



Check out the HelloChinese app. It's the most recommended one.


Honestly, I forgot about that. :) I did try HelloChinese before and loved it. Not sure what made me uninstall it, though.

I am going to reinstall it and work on their course today.

Thank you! :)


I subscribe to FluentU which costs money. I understand you can sample the tones through a Google search and on Chinese Pod.


This has been a very useful thread. I must say that I am not altogether satisfied with FluentU -- the website locks up allot on the app, which is how I learn Mandarin in my spare time. I do think that using 2 different programs is very helpful in learning. I like what I have seen from HelloChinese so far and it's free! I may give up on FluentU after my month is up and either stick with another free app or give Chinesepod a go.



May I know what is LearnChinese? Is it a website? I tried looking it up online but couldn't find anything relevant.

ChinesePod has an enjoyable approach of teaching but isn't entirely free.

What is your Chinese level? Did you give HelloChinese or ChineseSkill a try? Both are extremely good apps but I think HelloChinese is entirely free while ChineseSkill isn't. I also find the Mandarin Chinese courses on Coursera helpful. You can find courses on the different HSK levels. The courses are free to access for lifetime but to get the certificate, you need to pay.

I am glad this discussion thread was of use to you. :)


Ha! I meant HelloChinese -- I have breezed through the first lessons -- I like that you can speak to the microphone and have your pronunciation graded. Also there is a connection to Duolingo where they have you scribe the characters. A very good supplement. I will use this for a while before paying for ChinesePod!


Wow! and I did not think of Coursera -- an academic option!


Thank you, I will give FluentU a try! :)


You might like the book "Basic Spoken Chinese". It is written entirely in pinyin and covers pronunciation and basic speaking pretty well.


Trainchinese is a very good app (a bit like mosalingua for chinese language). Try it. Also that site is very helpful to listen chinese sylables and get the differences. https://chinese.yabla.com/chinese-pinyin-chart.php Those 2 things are what you need to complete Duolingo. After you can also buy online the monkey king story with audio and text files (I use Kobo software to buy and read).


Thank you, very helpful! :)


Chinese HSK 1 is quite good for those aspects.


Tests single syllables and syllable combinations


Thank you! I find it very helpful for listening practice. :)


Yoyo Chinese has 306 free videos, and this is one of her playlists for pronunciation. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLioS_-8erSI1B8dEErLr28sdgsHMui1d-


Checked it out, loved it and subscribed. Thank you very much for sharing.


Thank you for sharing! :) I will watch them.

I enjoy her videos. I haven't watched a lot of them but I do like the way she teaches Chinese. It makes learning more enjoyable. :)

One of my favourite videos on tones is https://youtu.be/3wV8B4bx1lM. I found it easy to understand and practise. :)


http://www.wohok.com/mandarin/hsk_test/hsk1/eng/practice.html practices: sound to character, sound to pinyin, character to meaning, meaning to character and character to pinyin. All for free!


Wow, that's a great resource! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

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Lingodeer is also very well done.

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