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  5. "No, I am Žofie."

"No, I am Žofie."

Translation:Ne, já jsem Žofie.

May 1, 2018



What is the difference between "Ja Jsem" and "Jsem"?


What's the difference between "ne, Žofie jsem já" and "ne, já jsem Žofie" ?


The first one is used to correct someone who thought that Žofie is someone else when it is, in fact, you.

The other one is used to correct someone who thought you are named differently. At least in the default neutral-stress pronunciation, you can stress Já in the other sentence as well.

Remember, the last piece of the sentence is the new most important information by default.


How can you distinguish between ne, jsem and nejsem?


Written: There's a comma and space.

Spoken: There's a pause in speech between the two words.

;) ;)

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