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"There is less time than I thought."

Translation:Hay menos tiempo de lo que yo pensaba.

5 years ago



Why do you need del? menos....que a comparison right?

5 years ago


A more literal translation would be: "there is less time than what I thought."

The "de" in the sentence is often used in comparisons in the same way that "que" is used, but mainly in certain contexts, such as when numbers are involved.

Remember, "lo que" means "that which" or more loosely, "what"

4 years ago

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Would "Queda menos tiempo de lo que pensaba" acceptable in Spanish?

4 years ago

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That's not quite what Duo is asking to translate, though. "Queda" is "remains," implying that time has passed. "There is less time" does not necessarily mean that any time has passed.

4 years ago


I got the de lo que - no problem there. Someone please explain why del would be needed? I get the de part, but EL? El what?

4 years ago

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del would be a combination of de + el with el referring to time. the "el" is needed to avoid confusion with the structure "de que", which means "that" in the sense of a conjunction. A more literal translation would than be: there is less time of it than I thought. it referring to the time. it sounds quite stupid in english but it is just the way it is done in spanish. point I.3 in this link also explains this http://users.ipfw.edu/jehle/COURSES/relpron1.htm

4 years ago


Why is de lo que relevant in this sentence???

1 year ago


I should have invested in the heart refill. :(

4 years ago

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He dicho "Hay menos tiempo que creía." ¿Por qué no funciona?

4 years ago

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You need to add "de lo que" - "hay menos tiempo de lo que creía"

3 years ago


The "lo que" + verb construct is really useful but I keep wanting to write "que lo" + verb, to keep the "lo" close to the verb. I just have to keep repeating "lo que quiero" to myself.

2 months ago