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  5. "What is your favorite color?"

"What is your favorite color?"


May 1, 2018



"您最喜歡的顏色是什麼?" should also be correct, no?


I'd have thought so, but 你最喜欢的颜色是什么 was marked wrong.

Does Duo accept the traditional characters?


Completely ridiculous. I copied the original answer for this down from the first set of lessons at the first level.

It was: 你最喜欢什么颜色

So I wrote that here, but got marked wrong because here they want a completely different answer:


I thought at first it was only the Chinese course that had absurd anomalies like this, but now I realise the other courses I have been doing often trick you in the same way.

Of course it is good that it is a free course and a good initiative. But it's a half good system, no better with lousy maintenance. Why would anyone pay for that?


Love it when the 'correct' solution is impossible to form from the options! :-(

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