Duolingo translated the Frech word sensible as sensitive. That is not correct, I think.

Sensible has to do with the mind. You can replace it with raisonnable. Sensitive has to with feelings. You can replace it with susceptible, impressionnable.

At least, that is what I think of it. What is your opinion?

7/5/2012, 8:08:48 AM


The French word "sensible" can be translated as the English word "sensitive". We can be "sensible" (FR) in mind or body, Il a le cœur sensible - mind, il a la peau sensible - body.

It is one of the classic "faux amis", words that sound as if they have the same meaning but don't. Here is a link about them:

Two hundred years ago "sensible" in English meant the same thing as the modern French "sensible" or modern English "sensitive". It is English that has changed. Hope this helps.

7/5/2012, 8:59:34 AM
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Be careful with this kind of reasoning. I'd say at least look it up in a dictionary before you accuse Duolingo of getting it wrong.

7/5/2012, 10:18:47 AM

I don't ACCUSE anybody. That is why I ASK it first to others.

7/5/2012, 11:01:58 AM

I see this most often on French skin products like sun screen. Often marked as suitable for "peau sensible" - sensitive skin. It is, as Mizotte says, a false cognate.

7/8/2012, 1:47:11 PM

Okay, thank you for your answers.

7/8/2012, 6:49:40 PM
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