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Confused. How to write sentences?

The question says Schreiben Sie Fragen und lesen Sie vor. 1. Orangensaft / Sie/ möchten /? 2. die Lehrerin von Kurs A/ Sie/ sind /? 3. nimmst /Milch und Zucker / du /? 4.aus Indien / kommen / Sie auch / ? 5. Tee mit Milch / trinkst / du /?

I answered: 1. Sie möchten orangensaft? 2. Sie sind die lehrerin von Kurs A? 3. 4. Sie auch kommen aus Indien? 5. So for number 3 and 5 are they yes or no questions or not how do you answer them. As i though that in yes or no questions the verb comes first. So for ex: in this question i would write => question 3. Nimmst du Milch und Zucker? so is that correct or should i write Du nimmst Milch und Zucker? As i assumed they are yes/no questions but the questions says to put them in order. Would like help clearing this up.

May 1, 2018



Hi OmarSiyouf, in German questions we have a special word order. If you have a question word this comes first. Next in line you have to put the conjugated verb then the subject of the sentence, followed by objects and other parts.

  1. Möchten Sie Orangensaft?

  2. Sind Sie die Lehrerin von Kurs A?

  3. Nimmst du Milch und Zucker?

  4. Kommen Sie auch aus Indien?

  5. Trinkst du Tee mit Milch?

The first word in each question is the conjugated verb, followed by the subject. It does not matter if you have a question word or not.

Wann möchten Sie Orangensaft?

Warum nimmst du Milch mit Zucker?

I hope this helped.. ;-)))


Yes that actually helped a lot. Danke


You are welcome :-))


Two additions and one question:

Quote: "If you have a question word this comes first." If the question word needs a preposition, the preposition comes before the question word, just like in English: With whom do you play? Mit wem spielst du?

Quote: "The first word in each question is the conjugated verb, followed by the subject." Except if the subject is asked. "Wer hilft dir?" "Who helps you?"

And finally there is one phanomene, which I can't explaine, but I know, because I am native German: Warum hilft Tom dir nicht? Warum hilft dir Tom nicht? (are/is?) both correct. Also when changing "warum" by wie, wo, wann... Even "Warum hilft dir donnerstags Tom?" But if both subject and object are the same, pronouns or nouns, the order is important: Warum hilft er dir nicht? Warum hilft Tom Sophie nicht? Do you have an answer to this? You seem to be native German too.


Yup, I am also native German. ;-))

First of all your tips are of course right. I only omitted more explanations because these kind of questions come later and it gets complicated enough.;-))

Coming to your last paragraph, I had to think this one over.. But in the end this word order change happens only due to the emphasis.

"Warum hilft Tom dir nicht?" The emphasis lies on Tom, it is not another person but him. And because the pronoun is in the dative case the meaning remains clear on who does(n't) what.

However, when you have two pronouns the word order is always strict on naming the subject first. There is no other reason behind this, only a simple rule. (I looked it up in my teaching books.. ;-)) just to be really sure on this subject and it got me curious too)

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