"Quand paraît le journal ?"

Translation:When is the newspaper published?

March 23, 2013

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Wow! this one you have to move the sentence around. I suppose translating 'QUand parait le journal?' literally would be 'When is published the newspaper?' sounded awkward. THe fun part about this is that I have no idea WHY I had to move the translation around to 'When is the newspaper published?' other than because otherwise the translation to english would've made no sense.

If I was given the english sentence to translate it to french I would've had no idea how to say this. Moreover, I imagine other sentences will follow this same juggling of the syntax order, but given the lack of explanation when this should happen I guess I'll learn as I guess. Moving on.


There are books and websites that consist mostly of French language rules and exceptions with an example or two attached to each item.

Duo takes a different approach. It gives you massive examples in question and answer form with the correct answer provided after each.

Rules, exceptions and all manner of grammar issues are provided in the attached comments pages. By being provided after you have answered the question it is assumed that the relevant material will have more meaning for you.

This approach works for me. I would never have guessed that the most effective way to teach French grammar would be to not ever mention it in the lessons and just let students look for it when they want it. By using comments sections Duo provides dozens of teachers, each with a different perspective, at no cost to the student.

By the time you have completed all the lessons you will be well versed in French grammar even though no lesson ever mentions it.


I see!

I like this approach also. Usually the comments are helpful.

However, not all sections have comments. Possibly a summarized version of the rule/exception or link to an explanation would be appropriate also.

Whenever I start carrying a considerable amount of black boxes of what I'm learning, it tends to be demotivational. For me at least. It just seems like I might be wasting my time cause in the end, I'm not learning much even if I get to read/write it.


Why isn't "When is published the newspaper?" a correct translation?


Sometimes a literal translation can be too clunky even for Duo.


I think "When is the newspaper coming out?" should be an acceptable option...


When is the newspaper published has a pretty clear meaning for most English speakers.

When is the newspaper coming out leaves open the possibility of meaning when is the newspaper going to start operations, when are they posting their content on the web, when are they revealing their true character etc.


This is an uncommon usage of the verb paraitre. You would be more likely to hear: Quand sera disponible le journal -or- Quand est publie le journal. This formulation should be removed as it is misleading.

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