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Internship in Germany

Hey all,

I've been learning German for about two years now, and my level is around B1. This summer I'll be going to Germany for a month to take on an internship at this small German company, and I was wondering how likely is it that I can understand the natives.

I'd love to hear some of your stories and anecdotes, and also some advice would be great!

May 1, 2018



I studied German for 4 years and later lived in Berlin with a German family. They didn't speak any English and they helped me a lot in correcting my mistakes. Although that was a while back, I haven't forgotten anything I learned from them. It was my experience that most Germans I spoke to were impressed and were helpful in telling me the right way to say things.

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If you know you are about B1 level then you should know how much you will understand / be able to talk to others. In other words B1 is nice but it's just around half way to C2 (which is fluency or what natives speak like :-)

You will probably understand a lot, you might have troubles to say what you want to say in some or many situations. It also depends on where exactly you're going and whether people will use Hochdeutsch while talking to you.

I was in Austria for few days last year, when I was probably around B1 level. The lady I mostly talked to was nice enough to speak sort of Hochdeutsch to me and I was able to understand her ok, my attempts of talking were kinda broken but she could understand what I was saying. That would all get better in few days or weeks so if you use German in Germany you will sure see some progress very soon.

I'd recommend Easy German channel on YouTube since that's what "normal" Germans on the streets speak like.

Have fun over there :-)


I've been learning German for about two years now, and my level is around B1.

If you don't mind me asking, I was just wondering roughly how much time you studied each day? Also, what other resources did you use to learn German? Thanks in advance.


Sounds like a great time! Great timing, as my last 2 newsletter posts covered "German Phrases in the Workplace". Check them out at the bottom of these 2 posts: https://conta.cc/2K5f4bQ & https://conta.cc/2HB2WBP

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