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Newbie question on practice mode

Hi, I'm kinda new here in Duolingo, it's my eleventh day here (and loving every second of it! :D). I'm learning German, and so far what I'm having the most trouble is memorizing the gender of each of the nouns ("der", "die" or "das"). My question is: is there a way for me to select a practice mode where I could practice only those? Like a series of all the nouns I've learned so far? That would be woooonderful, I think... If not, do you guys have a better way to do this? Thanks in advance for any help!

May 1, 2018



I would highly recommend learning the plural form at the same time. The plurals aren't always obvious, and I have a terrible time remembering them myself.


Thanks, I'll make sure to do that too. But so far, the articles are twisting my brain much more than the plurals, though. I feel like plurals are more intuitive, the articles not so much...


This isn't what you asked, and maybe you know this already, but maybe not. There are actually patterns to which words are which gender, and knowing those patterns helped me learn. Check out this page: https://www.lsa.umich.edu/german/hmr/Grammatik/Gender/Gender.html


This is very useful! Thanks, Courtney, it will surely help. I read the Duolingo explanation, but it wasn't as complete as this. Maybe in the future skills it will be, and I just haven't gotten there yet, but this will help me clear a bit of my confusion regarding this pesky article trio :-D. Thanks once again!


I would suggest using a separate app for that. My favorite so far is called "German Articles"--it's a bit buggy, at least on Android, but works pretty decently. I haven't used it long enough to notice whether it has errors (I know some similar apps do) but it really helped me memorize genders quickly, and some new vocab as well.

There's also this prototype that a Duolingo user posted, asking for feedback, a little while ago: http://defuncart.com/game-prototypes/derdiedas/


Awesome, downloading it in 3, 2, 1... :-) Just the kind of stuff I was looking for. Since my German vocabulary is just starting to grow, I probably won't know many of the words and their articles yet, but this will hep a ton. I'll also check the prototype, too. Thank you very much, Elyse!


Oh no! I just realized that the app title isn't the same as it displays on my screen... "German Articles Buster" is how it appears in the Google Play store. Sorry, I'm a little woozy. Great app, despite a few glitches.

I think the link I posted with the prototype game will be especially helpful for newbies, since you can start with solely A1-level words. But the German Articles Buster technique makes them easy to remember, even if it seems a bit silly at first.


Don't worry, for begginers like me it's never silly. I've played the prototype a few times yesterday, and I've already got many new words for my vocabulary (with their appropriate article, of course.) Thanks for your concern and help, Elyse!


Der: nouns ending in -ig, -ling, -ant, -us; most nouns ending in -en (in the singular)

Das: nouns ending in -chen, -lein, -ment, -um

Die: nouns ending in -ei, -schaft, -heit, -keit, -tät, -ion, -ik, -ie, -ur; most nouns ending in -e (in the singular)

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Click on "Words" next to your "Home" tab and all words so far used will be displayed. Nouns, verbs, Adjectives, etc. Click on each word to get its details and its gender if relevant. Glad your enjoying the course.


Thanks! I'm doing that, in order to fixate them better, but I was hoping for some exercises that I could use to drill them, you know? I appreciate your help. ;-)


Hi DorisTheMan, I don't know about a practice mode for the genders but here is a post that might help you. AP4418


Thanks, Dessert-Rose! Great post! I'll definitely use it as a checklist in sticky situations.


You're welcome! I'm glad it helped!

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