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Dutch tapping

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Hello Duo,

When I am working with the Dutch course on my phone I have to type all the words, letter by letter. When I work on my laptop, I only have to tap the words, which is a lot less stupid typing.

Why can't I just tap words when I am practising Dutch on my phone? Other languages do not give problems: I can tap words in quite a lot of exercises.

Thanks in advance, Anna

4 months ago



I've found that Duolingo offers both word selection and typing exercises on the mobile app's Dutch course. I believe that typing exercises are iregularly incorporated to make sure that you understand how to write (or in this case, type) out sentences in the language you're learning. It can challenge you to figure out which tense of a word to use (i.e. heb, hebt, hebben, heeft).

4 months ago

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I'm not a big fan of typing with my thumbs, either.

You could try using a browser on your phone to log into the "mobile" website version of Duolingo and skip the app.

I don't know that it really cuts down on the questions requiring typing.

You don't get discussion forums or the helpful grammar explanations found on the full website.

To me, the biggest plus of the mobile Web version is that you don't get the idiotic "health" limitations of the app, which count an errant tap the same as a total whiff in which you don't have a clue.

4 months ago

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