Is there a way to redo a lesson? I find i would like to go through some lessons more than once.

May 1, 2018


no not in the new update

May 1, 2018

I thought of two ways to do this:

first way
1.create a new account.
2.make a classroom on your old account.
3. have your new account join your old account's classroom. 4. on your old account, give your new account a assignment for whatever you want so you can skip the previous lessons.
5. on you new account do the lesson you want until it gets too hard.
6. reset your progress on the old account.
7. repeat 4-6

my second way is just too complain to Duolingo.

You only need to be aware that the classroom does not work with new A/B tree tests, like English-Spanish, French 3.0, etc.:

You can practice a single non-golden (25-75% strength) or golden (100% strength) skill (old decay system).

Just visit your SHOF progress page:

I am not aware of a possibility, to practice exactly the same lesson x/20 again, and the numbers at the end of the skill URL are ignored and you will progress forward no matter what numbers you give.

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