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"Write 'the bedroom' in Spanish". Tres problemas:

  1. Does not accept "la recámara", "la recamara", la habitación", "el cuarto", or "la alcoba" (all valid translations according to one translation tool or another)
  2. No option offered on the page for starting or joining a Discussion about it
  3. "Report" button allows for only one option: reporting that the picture is wrong. "Report" should allow me to say "My answer should be accepted".
May 1, 2018



Yes I have had a similar problem with a picture of a car, only carro was accepted, no other word for car. and no options for discussions or Report other than the picture. Some one gave me this link to report it as a bug. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-". I got an email back asking for a screen shot. But by this time I had gone up the skill levels and the question did not appear anymore. Try reporting it and send a screen shot as well.


Thanks, adder3! Wish I'd gotten a screenshot, though. Pictures are the kind of thing you only ever see once for any given word. (Unless, of course, you are some combination of ornery and righteous, and keep trying every valid translation other than the prescribed one....)


How about “cuarto de cama”


How about "el dormitorio" ?


Sure, but that's the only answer that is accepted, and to my understanding it is not used equally commonly in all Spanish-speaking countries.


Yes, there is a problem with report of images.


I am on a whatsapp group with spanish speakers from Chile, Mexico, pero, Columbia, I asked them what they commonly call a bedroom in spanish,

Dormitorio was very common, cuarto, Mexico said recamara,..

Someone suggested at home, they call it a cuarto, but for a hotel they thought dormitorio.....

So, as we say in english, it's a crap shoot, its good to know all the possibilities


I agree, but sometimes you just have to please the owl. You could try filing a bug report for the lack of decent reporting.

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