моя или мой? (Moya or moy?)

моя and мой are so similar I get often confused about their meaning and usage. Is it "моя постель" or "мой постель"? What does each word mean? When should I use either word? Спасибо.

8 months ago


The difference between these words is only in gender: "моя" = my (feminine), "мой" = my (masculine). Also for neuter it will be "моё". Examples:

мой друг - my friend ("друг" is male gender)

моя идея - my idea ("идея" is female gender)

моё море - my sea ("море" is neuter gender)

So, in your case the right answer will be "моя постель" (= my bed), because "постель" is a female gender.

8 months ago

Interesting, I never knew they were gender-specific. Thank you for letting me know!

8 months ago
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