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  5. "Za co mě považuješ?"

"Za co považuješ?"

Translation:What do you take me for?

May 1, 2018



This is a great translation to English, but I didn't even think of it. I went with "what do you consider me," which was accepted, but sounds... unfinished. Anyway, glad to see that "What do you take me for" is accepted, and is even the main translation!


Yes, but "What do you take me for?" has a pretty strong negative/aggressive sense to it. Is that the case with the Czech version. I've asked again for "What do you think of me?" to be accepted as an answer, which seems to me a far better neutral rendering of the question.


It has a similar sense in both languages.


I wrote "What do you consider me for", which was marked as wrong. Is it?


There are accepted alternatives that use "consider," for example, "What do you consider me to be?"

They do not include "What do you consider me for," because that expression might be used, for example, when asking a possible employer what position s/he would "consider you for" based on your experience and the available positions. ("What are you considering me for" would be better. The simple present sounds strange.)

The sentence here, from the perspective of common AmE usage, is asking for someone's opinion of you as a person. "What do you take me for?!?!" is usually used with a bit of outrage when someone feels another person "considers him/her to be" something negative as, for example, a moron, a thief, a rip-off artist, etc.


And what is wrong with "What are you taking me for"?


Assume that you are interviewing for a job and you ask "What [position] are you considering me for?" How else would you say that in Czech?


For example: Na jakou pozici mne zvažujete?


"What do you take me for" in English (in Britain anyway) is a colloquialism which means "Do you think I am an idiot?". Is that what this Czech question means as well, or does it simply mean "What do you think of me?"


Idiot or a wicked person or something else like that.


What is wrong with "What do you think of me?"


That is closer to "Co si o mě myslíš?". But the meaning is almost the same, that is true.


Why can't I put mne here? Sorry I would look it up myself as i presume it's do with accusative/dativ/genitiv/all that stuff i struggle to grasp, but the grammar stuff seems to be gone from the site?


Both mne and mě are accepted equally here while mně is used for different cases. See https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/j%C3%A1#Declension


In vocabulary there is only one possibility považuješ = you consider, but in choices there is no such expression.


I added one more explicit hint, hopefully you'll find it sufficient.

Note that if you answer but typing using your keyboard, you can enter answers that do contain "consider".

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