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Very pale gray on white hurts my eyes

The pale gray on white seems to be getting paler every day. Does it cost extra to make the text VISIBLE? I know it's not just DL, all the sites are like that now and I hate it. Sorry, just venting, but I wish DL would consider that people (like me) would do more per day if they could see the words on the screen. It's so NOT user-friendly and, imo, RUDE. Just my 2 cents.

May 1, 2018



mis ojos vienen a ser viejos tambien. llevo las gafas ahora. Parece que todos los sitios en el internet lo usan ahora. No es muy amicable. ¡Cabrónes!


There is Dark Reader browser extension for Chrome browser, which you can get from the Chrome Web Store.

Opera Browser has similar extensions which will make the background dark and the print light.

Firefox probably has similar extensions.

These extensions make it way easier on the eyes.


Thank you susanstory and usoayaunko. I'll give those a try.


Susanstory, thank you! I just found and turned on the Chrome extensions of Contrast and Color Enhancer and it did the trick. I love it.


I agree. We shouldn't have to go find extensions (although I am grateful for the accessibility options we have now) that make the sites we use on a daily basis readable. I think too more weight is given to the aesthetics of the site design than to the ease of use for a broad spectrum of users. It would be easy to change the tint of the gray currently in use to make it a darker gray - thus improving the experience for users and maintaining the appearance.


Where is this pale grey on white?

On the discussions? In the lessons?

You mean grey text on white background? Cause I seem to only see black text.


merkavar It's all over. Look at "Leave a Comment" or Delete, Edit. It's paler in some places more than others. On my home page where it shows the chart of days on the right-hand side, I didn't even know it was there until I looked very closely. It was almost white on white!


Ok, you mean words like reply, give lingot etc

I thought you were talking about larger bodies of text like this post.

Do you have vision issues like colour blindness? Maybe look at accessibility features in what ever device you are using. Maybe play with the contrast and brightness settings if you can.

Also your comment saying it seems to be getting paler everyday, is duolingo changing its website regularly? Or could this be a warning sign and you should visit a doctor or optometrist?


I use the high contrast extension on Google Chrome, recent changes to the forum means it doesn't work here (but probably will if I restart my browser) but I fail to understand why developers can't use black on white or black on a light colour. I very much doubt if these pages have been checked for accessibility.


Paulguk It did work for me (can't remember if I restarted it or not). But i also adjusted the Display settings on my computer on the Control panel and that added even more contrast.


The new tiny text (on iOS 11.2.2) is hard to see also. And it's intermittent: some screens have it, others have an easier to read larger font. Please go back to the larger font throughout.


I adjusted the font size on my phone which helps a lot.


There is a way to change sites to night mode. If you install ''tamper monkey'' it will give you that option. I know it works on a desktop but I'm not sure about a tablet or phone. The night mode changes the background to black and the text to white. It's very easy to see.


The gray on white screen creates a visual problem for me; it is difficult to see the words clearly.


FrankFox Try adjusting the contrast on your computer. It helps. Read comments above. It helped me on my desktop.


you can change that in the contrast settings on your computer

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