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  5. "¿Tú tienes un hermano?"

"¿Tú tienes un hermano?"

Translation:Do you have a brother?

May 2, 2018



Hermano also means sibling but wasn't accepted here. I have reported this especially as in later exercises it IS used for sibling. Learning a language is confusing enough without adding to it!!!!


I believe hermano means brother if im not mistaken.


Just like many words in Spanish, "hermano" can mean brother, or "sibling" if you're unsure of their gender- "hermana" is exclusively female.


Replying to AlliMB yes hermano does mean brother


En inglés Sibling=hermano/hermana pero en español se refiere si tiene un hermano (hombre) para que fuera como dices sibling tendría que ser tienes hermanos con 's' pues no sabes si tiene hermano o hermana o si tiene varios o sólo uno


If I understand Pamela correctly the singular un hermano refers to a brother (male). But the plural hermanos can mean both: brothers or siblings. That would explain why Duo didn't accept sibling in this sentence.


So it seems that the only difference between a question and a declarative statement is the presence of the question marks, no?


In some cases, this is true. Phrases like "tienes un hermano" could be either a statement or a question depending on how you say it or if you put a '?' At the end.


Yes, but...

Just like in English, there are special ‘question words’ that pretty much always indicate a question when they start a sentence. In English, the primary such words are ‘What’, ‘Which’, ‘Who’, ‘Whose’, ‘How’, ‘Why’, ‘When’, and ‘Where’, in Spanish I believe the equivalents are ‘Qué’, ‘Cual’, ‘Quien’, ‘De quien’, ‘Como’, ‘Por qué’, ‘Cuándo’, and ‘Donde’.


Wrote the correct answer, besides the question marks. Duolingo still says it's incorrect.


How do I get more lessons where my pronounications are tested? Thanks


What's the difference between "tengo" and "tienes"? I've noticed how the past lessons taught us "Tú tengo" means Do you have? but now we're introduced to "Tú tienes".


tengo means i have, tienes means you have


Tengo is only used for yourself, I and tienes is used to someone your talking with, like "you".

I should be Yo tengo not Tú tengo

And it should be Tú tienes not yo tengo

Tengo means Have or (I) have

Tienes means (You) have.

Tip. Tengo is ONLY used for I and Tienes is Only used for you and Tiene is used for Ella or Él.


How do you say "he has?"


Can someone explain the difference between tu and tu' ( I can't change my settings to Spanish)


I believe 'tu' means 'your', and 'tú' means 'you'. By the way, if you're using a keyboard, if you press Alt Gr and the letter, you should get the accent.


Thank you. I've been wondering the same thing.


Could I have said ¿Tienes un hermano?


you definitely can! most people don’t say “tu tienes,” actually, they would just say “tienes.” beginners usually include it though.


Have you a brother and do you have a brother are the same


oops I said hermano was father lol


kindly explain what is wrong with my (naitive) English translation 'Have you a brother?'


To advise an alternative translation to Duolingo, it's a good idea to use the 'Report' button, especially if you're an English speaker and you know your English sentence is correct.

[deactivated user]

    Why can't we write as- ¿Tú tengo un hermano?


    the conjugations in spanish are not like english where you put the infinitive verb after the subject, we have very specific conjugations for each subject, here's the listing of the verb to have/tener: Yo tengo, tu tienes/vos tenés, él ella tiene, nosotros tenemos, ustedes tienen/vosotros tenéis, and ellos ellas tienen


    I find the women voice used often sounds jumbled, its not because of the speed she is speaking because even when i slow the spoken phrase down it sounds like she isnt sayinf tiene,it sounds more like fiene. And its other exercises her voice get jumbled. Same for the little boys voice


    Why can you not say 'Have you a brother.'


    You can. Use the 'Report' button so that Duolingo can add the translation to their database.


    Keep giving the correct anwser but maked wrong


    If you believe your answer was correct, please advise Duolingo by using the 'Report' button.


    Can someone explain when it's tú or tu? I learned once but for the life of me i can't remember


    Tu = your the accented u = you


    (There was an error so this may be a double post) can someone explain the difference between tu and tú, i used to know but I've forgotten


    My answer was correct...☹


    u is a shortcut for you!!!


    I've been learning spanish for few days, and my fav word is hermano, idon't know y?


    Hermano means brother but they gave me wrong


    Hermano means brother but

    they gave me wrong


    Where do you use tienes and tengo? They both mean 'have'


    Tienes: you have, tengo: i have. That's why you don't need the subject. The main verb is "tener". Tengo and tienes are conjugations

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