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Do I get to write my answer in Czech?

I have recently begun the Czech course, and the creators have done a great job. To this point, I'm only half-way through the first food lesson, so I have a ways to go. But I must ask, do I ever get to answer in Czech?

The lessons are filled with a lot of Czech sentences wanting me to translate back to English, but I haven't seen any English sentences for me to write in Czech. Do these come later, or should I just try the English from Czech course? Or do I just have a bug?

Note: this is a problem only when I am learning the lessons. When reviewing old lessons, it's not as big of a problem. Is this just a new feature of crowns?

Thank you in advance.

May 2, 2018



Yes, soon you will be writing in Czech. I am not that far in this course, only level 12, but I have done a lot of lessons writing mostly in Czech. Doing the reverse tree is also a possibility, I do it myself, it's challenging. But if you are looking for it just for writing in Czech never mind it, you'll soon use Czech in your lessons!


Good to know, Děkuji!


like other courses here, structurally the course is nearly balanced, in that exercises are set up to support both directions. "nearly", because some exercises would require more translations to czech to be recognized as valid than we are allowed to enter in the database (3000), so we disabled that direction for those exercises. and the final skill is also one-way.

deployment of the database contents is another matter entirely. duo does as duo will and can choose sentences and directions in whatever fashion its little heart desires.

enjoy the course!


Interesting. Děkuji!


They come later. Review is random, but Crowns is easiest to hardest. So level 5, should have some.


Czech is my target language too, and I must say that there is much more Czech to English sentences (as you mentioned), and far less English to Czech sentences. I'm thinking about Reverse Tree just because of this. I also noticed that things are getting better with the Crown System, it's little more balanced now. Nevertheless, Czech on Duolingo is very useful, and it helped me a lot with my Czech learning! With few more ways of practicing Czech (beside Duolingo) you will have no problems at all! :)...

Wish you all the best and good luck!


That is how crowns work. They give you level 1 for each finished skill first and there is very little writing in the target language until you repeat the lesson several times to get a higher level. I don't think it is useful in the introductory part of the course because there are too many simple phrases and you have to repeat them too many times, but that's how it currently works.


I mainly use the app on my phone, I downloaded a Czech keyboard. It was very simple to switch between a word bank and keyboard, but on a computer it doesn't seem to have the same feature.


You can switch keybords on your computer in a simple way too. Too bad, it does not magically switch the stickers on your physical keyboard as well...


Which computer with which operating system?click on keyboard layouts here and then scroll down to the section for your computer and operating system for instructions to add a keyboard layout. http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Czech You will be able to assign CTRL key + number key to the new language and to English and switching is pretty easy.

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